International Naturists Amateur Radio Organization

International Naturists Amateur Radio Organization

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INARO is an umbrella organization for disseminating information from at least 3 affiliated nudist/naturist ham radio groups known as the Nude Amatuer Radio Special Interest Group (born of the Naturist Society), the Naturist Amateur Radio Club (callsign NU5DE), and the ham-naturists group (based in Australia) on This Web Site will be used to report upcoming events as well as past events, and any other announcements as they become available. We are always seeking information about nudist/naturist ham radio events from anyone or any organization. Please contact us at with any such info! :)

This site has photos of people not wearing clothes. These photos are by no means erotic in nature. If you came here looking for "stimulation", you're wasting your time. Likewise, if you're offended by the human body in it's most natural state, you should click away from here now. If you're under the age of 18, have your parent(s) or guardian(s) look this entire site over and get their permission before proceeding any further here.

The Naturist Amateur Radio Club, NU5DE will be participating during the AANR-Southwest Nudist Convention at Star Ranch, McDade, TX the last week of June. Participation will also include Field Day, to a limited degree, with solar power. We will also be active during Nude Recreation Week the week after the 4th of July from Star Ranch, McDade, TX. We are looking for operators for all events. Events will be listed in June and July issues of QST. Best Regards, Bob Redoutey Naturist Amateur Radio Club NU5DE / N5KF


2011 Calendar
AANR, CNF, & TNS Celebrate Body Freedom

If you'd like more information about how to become involved in some sort of ham radio demonstration at one of the year 2011 events, please contact us at We'll put you in touch with those that can assist you, or those that you can assist for nudist/naturist ham radio events. Just volunteering to be an over-the-air contact for someone doing a demo would be a great help.

Bob Redoutey, N5KF,and Ben Thornton, NI5B, of Austin, Texas, have formed an amateur radio club, callsign NU5DE, whose purpose is to promote the naturist philosophy among amateur radio operators worldwide. The FCC has officially assigned this callsign to The Naturist Amateur Radio Club. The club call can be used primarily for naturist events where amateur radio is being promoted and to promote naturism among the amateur radio community.

Picture of QSL card.

FCC information:
Callsign: NU5DE Club 
Addr1: PO BOX 200812
Addr2: AUSTIN TX 787200812
Country: USA
Effective: 20 Oct 1997
Expires: 20 Oct 2007
Location: 30.506 N 97.842 W



Bob and Ben, along with Jim Campbell, WB6ZPB, and many others, have been active participants in the Naturist Society Amateur Radio SIG, whose annual Nude Recreation Week special event stations have become a familiar sound on the airwaves each July for the past 5 years. For more information about the club, see the NU5DE web page at .

Old news...

Australian Naturist Ham Radio Event January 17/18, 2003 Report from Tony VK3JED


Jim, here's my report of the event.
Well, as planned, we headed down to Pt Impossible this afternoon to try and make contacts with other amateurs around Australia and overseas on the air. The equipment included:
Icom IC-T81A VHF/UHF handheld radio - this was used for accessing the local IRLP node. Icom IC-745 HF transceiver Home made dual band (10 MHz and 14 MHz) vertical antenna for HF. 55 Ah sealed lead-acid battery - The type they use in electric wheelchairs. Home made antenna tuner.
Arrived at Pt Impossible around 1:30PM (0230z), and was setup by just after 2. Was greeted on arrival by sunnnibunny, one of the members of the Melbourne nudist Yahoo group, who watched on during the earlier stages of the exercise, and missed some of the best parts (more on that later). Soon, we had out first contact with Bob, N5KF, in Austin, Texas . Bob was using his club callsign NU5DE for the day. At about the same time, we had a contact on a much more local scale - 2 police officers walked up to check out what we were doing, out of curiosity - was good to see the beach being patrolled.
Anyway, conditions on HF were patchy at first, but steadily improved as the day wore on. By 7PM, signals were being received from half the world on 14 MHz- basically Australia, Asia, Middle East and Europe were identified. The location was particularly well suited to the Middle East and Eurpoean signals arriving via the long path. As for the Barely Operational stations, a few were contacted N5KF/NU5DE in Austin, Texas worked via IRLP. HF was attempted, but conditions were unsuitable. VK2*** at Samurai beach in NSW was worked via IRLP. Unable to attempt HF, due to vehicle problems his end. Our VK4 contact was attempted on HF (14 MHz), but no contact made due to poor conditions. VK3*** was unable to make it on the day.
Anyway, 12 contacts were logged (there were a few more of minor importance that didn't get logged). The more notable results were as follows: N5KF, Bob (Austin, Tx) via IRLP NU5DE, Bob (the naturist club call) via IRLP KG4SVX, Richard (Palm Beach, Florida USA) via IRLP KE4EVN, Darren (Palm Beach, Florida USA) via IRLP 4Z4UR, Ed (Tel Aviv, Isreal) on 14.202 MHz. EA1ALE, Carlos (Northern Spain) on 14.197 MHz. Various stations in Victoria and NSW were worked on 10.120 MHz. Anyway, had a good day. Bit of fun, even if we didn't get everyone. Next year, intend to make it a bit higher profile and incorporate into the National Nude week in early February. From my point of view, it was a success. It was the first time the portable station was taken out and it worked extremely well.


The 2001 Nude Recreation Week Special Event Stations recorded a total of 986 contacts between several operators in at least 3 locations. Preliminary results are:








To Be Reported Soon




Star Ranch, near Austin, TX




Near Mt. Palomar, CA

2001 Nude Field Day results coming soon (at least 3 stations have sent in reports)

As many of you already know, TNS ran an article about our group in "N" issue 19.1, on pages 80-82. The un-edited version of the article was published in NUDENETTER v7.1.


1999 INARO Event Reports

1998 NARSIG Events

1997 NARSIG Events

1996 NARSIG Events

A Brief History of NARSIG

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a higher ham-radio operater per capita among the nudist/naturist population than there seems to be in the general population? Ben Thornton, NI5B, wrote an article about this which first appeared in the May 1994 edition of NUDENETTER. The same article later appeared in "N" magazine 14.1 on page 10. 

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